Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register for all 4 days?

Nope! You can pick which days you would like to register for. In the registration form, select each day you would like to virtually attend.

Is this event really 100% free?

Yes! We're taking Nearbound mainstream, so share with your friends and colleagues!

When do I get the workbook?

The physical workbooks for each day will be hitting recipient mailboxes in October. Stay tuned for more info after you register.

Will recordings be available?

Yes, only for those who register and for the days registered for.

Who should I share this event with?

Anyone who needs to take find a better way to go-to-market. We're bringing together leaders from every department in B2B SaaS who want to see into the future of ecosystem first companies.

First there was Outbound. Then there was Inbound. Now there's Nearbound.

How can I sponsor the Nearbound Summit?

Limited sponsor space available. Contact PartnerHacker